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Degrassi Icons

The Original and Best Community for Degrassi Icons

The Original and Best Community for Degrassi Icons
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All Members , Moderated

We are a community designed to post and share any Degrassi Graphics (Icons, Wallpapers, LJ Layouts). Also feel free to post any Degrassi Music Videos or Degrassi Articles you may have to share. We allow posts about any incarnation of Degrassi - Junior High, High and The Next Generation. This community is NOT a community to discuss the show or to download episodes. If you came here looking for that, you are in the wrong place. We suggest doing a quick search or check out our affiliates below if we aren't what you are looking for.

Your mod is caltrask55. I can be contacted at the following email addresses: caltrask55@comcast.net. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about anything or if there is a problem you see in the community that I may have missed.


1. This is not a community to learn how to make icons. For your convinience, we have linked a few tutorial communities on our main page.
2. If you are posting icons that contain spoilers (any episode not aired in the USA) please put them behind a cut with a warning (the name of the episode is NOT warning enough. Not everyone knows the episode names). If you do not put them behind a cut or do not clearly mark them as spoilers, they will be deleted by the Mod. Just because you are spoiled doesn't mean everyone is. And please, no "I think this is a spoiler" or "Sort of spoilery" or "Could be a spoiler" or "Spoilerish"...you all know what a spoiler is. In the same vein, icons of just faces, even if they are from spoilery episodes, are not considered spoilers unless they give away storylines. Please use your best judgement!
3. If your post is deleted, 9 out of 10 times it is because there was spoilery information/icons in it. Please note that I ALWAYS leave a comment for you before I delete it so PLEASE check your email before asking why it was deleted. And NEVER post the question. Always email me if you have an issue.
4. I don't feel comfortable dictating which icons you are able to use when you make a post but it would be very nice and very helpful if you would choose non-spoilery icons when you post in our community. It would be really appreciated.
5. Requests are fine. But please check our Archives section before posting a request. When making a request, please be specific and post the pictures you'd like used. If your request is spoilery, it must be beind a cut and marked as a spoilery request. If at all possible, please post the actual picture instead of links. It's much easier for the person filling the request.
6. plz dont type like this. even if u think its qckr. its difficult 2 read and irritating. Capitalization and grammar are your friends. ALSO DON'T USE ALL CAPITALS. IT LOOKS LIKE YOU ARE YELLING!!
7. It is against the rules to steal icons or pass them off as your own work. It's not difficult to comment if you are using an icon. And giving credit is simple. If you know of anyone stealing icons please report them to me. I prefer contacting the culprit and trying to deal with it behind the scenes before "calling" anyone out in a public forum.
8. If you happen to see somebody post a question or anything that is against our rules, I would appreciate it if you would just point them here or to the appropriate community. Answering off topic posts could lead to off topic discussions in the community. Please don't do that.
9. You only need to use a cut if your picture is bigger than 600X400, you are posting spoilery icons or you are posting more than 6 icons.

1) Fake LJ cuts are allowed but you MUST let people know it's a fake cut.
2) Posting links to another journal are only allowed if you have more than 4 Degrassi Icons to share. You must also post a "teaser" icon here (only Degrassi teasers) instead of just "click link for Degrassi Icons!". - Teasers have to be Degrassi related.
3) If you are linking to a post that has multi-fandom icons you must let people know beforehand (not everyone wants to scroll through 50 icons from, for example, Lost)
4) You must keep comments open in your degrassi_iconspost
5) no links to friends only journals.

If you break the rules once, you get put on a "warned" list that I keep. If you are "warned" twice, you get banned. Please keep in mind when I put a "warn" on members, I always let them know. If you are banned, I also let you know exactly why. So PLEASE check your email before you contact me asking why you were banned! Also, if you feel you were wrongly banned or would just like back in the community, email me and explain your side of the banning. I am very open to our members and 95% of the time, when members email me requesting a reverse on the ban, I grant it. So if you think you were unfairly banned, please drop us me a line and we can try and work something out.

In an effort to decrease the flooding of friends pages with numerous advertisements, we have come up with a special rule for advertising Degrassi communities. Each Monday I will make a post saying "If you want to pimp a Degrassi community, please do so in the comments to this post". Advertising can ONLY be done in the comments and they have to be Degrassi communities (graphic journals are fine - as long as they are Degrassi related). A link to the post will be linked on the journal main page each Monday. The link will say "This Weeks Advertisements" and each post will be archived. If you pimp a community on any day other than MONDAY and if you pimp anywhere other than the comments of the designated post, you will get a warning and the second offense gets you banned. I tend to get absent minded so if Monday comes and you don't see an Advertisement post, feel free to start one.

Every Sunday I pick my favorite icons that were posted during the week. These icons are then displayed on our home page and archived. It is a way for me to give back to you, our members. At the end of each month I will post all the Icons of the Week and you, the members, will vote for your favorite icon. This icon will then be the degrassi_icons default icon for the month and the icon maker will get a nifty banner!!

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Because it is difficult to compile multi-character icons posts in an icon community, we use the LJ Tag Codes for Archiving. Please see this post for all the Tags. Just click on the character/description you are looking for and the link will take you to all posts that have that character/description in them. Please note: ONLY MODS ARE ALLOWED TO TAG POSTS! The Archives are linked on the main community page.

If you would like to be affiliated with us, please take one of the following buttons (or go Here and Here for more buttons) and drop me a line so I can add you to our affiliates as well!

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AGAIN, This community is to post and share any Degrassi Icons, Wallpapers, LJ Layouts, or screencaps you may have. It is NOT a community to discuss the show or learn how to make Icons. There are a ton of other communities for that.

Any questions or comments, feel free to email me. Thanks and enjoy the community!